Download the PixArt Gallery TV App

To install and use the PixArt Gallery TV App, you will need Apple TV or Fire TV or Android TV. 


Home screen

This is the home screen of the Apple TV device. A similar screen is available for Android TV and Fire TV. Click to open the "PixArt Gallery" TV App.


Home screen of the "PixArt Gallery" TV App

This is the home screen of the PixArt Gallery TV App. You can see all the categories. Each category folder has images inside it. Browse to any category and view images in it.


Images inside a category

We clicked the category "Masters close-up 1". Artworks inside this category is shown. 


Start slideshow

This is the most important feature of the App. You can click on a particular image and start the slideshow. Slideshow settings can be set (shown later in the page, below)


Pause slideshow

You can pause and play the slideshow using your TV device's remote. When you pause, you can view the title of the artwork. If interested, you may search for the artwork on the internet using this title to get a history, story that this artwork depicts.


Your favorites

You can select a few artworks that you like and create your favorites folder. This is unique to each user. You can add up to 300 images into your favorites folder. 




Set the time interval between images during slideshow. Minimum is 1 minute for subscribed users and 5 minutes for free-tier users. Also set Next/Repeat Category to move to the next category or to loop your selected/favorite category. You can also set the Image Transition of your choice.



Set nudity and restricted category settings as per your choice. Some categories may have nude/semi-nude artworks or violent depictions that may not be suitable to children.


Monthly subscription

Purchase the monthly subscription to view the entire collection (20,000+ images and growing). Your purchase is facilitated by your respective TV App store viz., Apple, Amazon or Google.